john edwards rielle hunter Are Rielle Hunter and John Edwards still a couple?The Rielle Hunter affair that is at the heart of John Edwards‘ campaign fund fraud trial may be cooling off, according to the New York Post. A server at Charlotte, N.C. restaurant Rooster’s Wood Fire Kitchen says that during a recent visit, the couple didn’t look as fiery as they once did.

“They didn’t seem romantic. They looked like a married couple. You would think that if you didn’t know them. He sat across from her in a booth,” says the waiter.

Hmm. Or it could be they’ve just moved past the honeymoon stage and have started behaving like every other couple that has been together for years behaves.
The server goes on to tell the Post that there was no kissing, no hand holding and instead Edwards took daughter Frances Quinn to see the fountain in the atrium of the restaurant.

Oh no! Showing his daughter the fountain! Romance really is dead. Though we aren’t sure that any of this is proof one way or the other that the honeymoon is over.

Maybe Rielle and Edwards aren’t a couple and are just trying to be in each other’s lives for the sake of their child. Rosemarie Terenzio, rep for Hunter, says, “She wasn’t ever engaged to him. They see each other often. They raise [their daughter] together. They do so extremely amicably.”

The Edwards trial is underway as of this week. Rielle Hunter is expected to be called as a witness.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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