Are Superman and Lois Lane breaking up? DC Comics reboots the classic

DC Comics will likely never run out of “Superman” stories to tell, but every once in a while they like to give us a fresh take on the classic story. “Smallville” did that for many fans, and now that the series has ended, fans can follow a brand new Superman story right where it all began… in comic books.

DC sources tell TMZ that when “Superman” is rebooted in September with a whole new “Superman #1,” fans may be surprised to discover that Clark Kent and Lois Lane aren’t an item — in fact, our favorite intrepid reporter has a whole different boyfriend at her side.
Our guess? It’s no fun if the guy’s already got the girl when the story begins. Word is that DC is looking to tell more “modern, relevant” stories in the new series — with a new starting point. Surely, as the story develops, the Lois and Clark romance will emerge.
Additionally, images that leaked from DC depict a few changes to Superman’s bodysuit — including a distinct lack of red underoos over his blue costume. Of course, he still has his red cape and the classic “S” symbol emblazoned across his chest.

What do you think of the news about “Superman #1”? Will you pick up the issue?
Posted by:Carina MacKenzie