Some of those always-reliable British tabloids are reporting that Orlando Bloom & Rumer Willis were “gazing into each other’s eyes” “chatting closely” at Prince’s post Oscar Party. 

The pint-sized pop singer reportedly treated guests Eva Longoria, P.Diddy, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, Tilda Swinton and Marion Cotillard to a raunchy strip show that featured male and female pole dancers.

First, can a man really pole dance? How is that even possible? And second, does anyone believe Orlando would really pick Rumer over his supermodel squeeze Miranda Kerr? Seriously?

But our sources have confirmed that Orlando is dating Kerr. She was going to the party with Orlando but, our source says, "She was booked on a shoot Monday morning so she decided to stay home."

Jeepers. We thought young supermodels could party all night with no ill effects? "Not Miranda. She’s all about getting her seven hours sleep, feeling good and looking good."

Smart cookie.

Photos: Miranda. left, or Rumer? Hmmm…..

Additional reporting: Sal Morgan

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead