Kellycarlson_niptuck_240_002 I can’t always take prolonged exposure to Nip/Tuck. I get why people like it, but its tendency toward the operatic keeps me from getting the season pass on the DVR.

Hard to pass up an episode with Rosie O’Donnell, Jacqueline Bisset and Scientology, though.

The story goes that the show’s creator, former journalist Ryan Murphy, was curious about Scientology and decided to examine the church through the show, specifically by having Matt (John Hensley), the traumatized son of Sean (Dylan Walsh) — and Christian’s (Julian McMahon) biological kid — taking interest in it at the urging of Kimber. How much of his interest is what the church teaches and how much is Kimber, who knows.

Given the controversy surrounding Scientology, the show is taking what appears to be a more-or-less balanced, if dogmatic, approach (Sean and Christian: It’s a cult! Kimber and Matt: It’s the answer to everything!). It’s a smart choice, too, to have Kimber be the church’s voice — everyone on Nip/Tuck is nuts, but she seems to have her stuff together more often than most of the other characters.

Of course, then Christian had sex with Rosie’s lottery-winning character so she could get back at her dirtbag husband, and Bisset’s character had Sanaa Lathan’s Michelle help her steal a kidney. And so the aria begins anew.

I’m curious to know what you serious Nip/Tuck fans think about the show. Comment away, folks.

Posted by:Rick Porter