are you the one 203 brandon 'Are You The One?' might secretly be a companion piece to 'Stalker'

Falling in love with someone in the span of a week isn’t exactly a regular occurrence outside of your average Nicholas Sparks creation, but MTV’s “Are You The One?” is all about the accelerated matchmaking process. The word “love” is bound to make its way into a show where “perfect match” is the most used phrase by its contestants, but that doesn’t exactly excuse some of the more … intense behaviors of some of the men on “Are You The One?,” especially keeping in mind that this is only episode three of the season.

Brandon, Nathan, and Layton have a few things in common. They’re all heterosexual males, they’re on this show, and their last names ends with either “-on” or “-an.” The biggest thing they have in common, however, this time around, is just how absolutely clingy they are this early in the game. The longer the episode goes on, the more it sounds like some of their dialogue is lifted directly from CBS’ “Stalker,” and if not, then “Stalker” will eventually get its hands on their words. While Nathan cries a lot over Shelby not loving him after telling her he only dates the hottest girls in the world (and has since he was 13) and Layton doesn’t appreciate “[his] woman” Jenni talking to Anthony, Brandon takes the cake as the contestant most likely to be arrested by Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott for stalking.

You see, Brandon is in especially fine form this week, not understanding the core concept of this show and continuing to pursue Christina despite the fact that he and she are not a match. If you’ve ever seen the Mark Wahlberg movie “Fear,” Brandon is a lot like Wahlberg himself in that movie — so be on the look out for a homemade Christina tattoo sooner rather than later. It starts off pretty standard: He gets jealous during the physical competition, which John and Christina win (and get a date out of it). He also makes sure to be around her as often as he possibly can so no other guy in the house can try anything. Christina tries to diffuse the situation by saying all she wants to do is spend time with Brandon even though she can’t, Brandon simply says he doesn’t care … because she is the most beautiful girl in the house and he’s only going to spend time with her.

But that’s not all! There’s:

– Brandon completely ignoring Alexandria’s correct assessment that he is “very sensitive” and that his obsession with Christina is not a turn on.

– Christina telling Brandon that she only made out with John because she didn’t want to reject him … even though John was the one who clearly felt bad about kissing her in front of Brandon until she came up with a way for them not to be seen.

– “I’m never going to feel any differently about Christina. I love this girl…” and everyone’s (including Christina) disturbed reaction shots.

– Brandon telling John that if you have to ask a girl to kiss her instead of just kissing her, she’s probably not interested. That’s an interesting approach to consent.

– “There’s no fighting the feelings. Christina and I want to be together, so there’s nothing you can do about it.” Again, everyone is disturbed by this. 

Also, the rules of the game have something to say about that last one.

The most obvious part of all of this is that there is no happy ending for Brandon in this scenario. Hopefully, it doesn’t end as badly for him as it would if he were, in fact, a character on “Stalker.” The same goes for Nathan, who is almost as close to Brandon when it comes to getting too “involved” with his love interest. But “Are You The One?” is supposed to be fun, and there is nothing fun about stalking. Hopefully Brandon realizes that sooner rather than later.

Posted by:LaToya Ferguson