Been wondering what clever Boy George is up to lately? Of course, you haven’t.

Despite that, here’s a sneak peek at his latest endeavor — a retro punk clothing line called B-Rude. We don’t really want to hurt him (or his feelings), but this bright neon, ripped, safety-pinned sportswear is so been there/done that. It’s a blatant rip-off of the late designer Stephen Sprouse‘s ’80s collections. 

Safety2orange 2 Are you ready for Boy George's fashion flashback?3orange Are you ready for Boy George's fashion flashback?

Boy’s in-your-face line showed this week during London Fashion Week. And yes, that really is a syringe on the poster, Naomi Campbell next to Boy, a male model (i think) with no pants on, and a giant safety pin around another model’s neck. Several models flipped the bird to photographers. Yawn. Guess no one told bad Boy that punk is so last weekend. And syringes aren’t amusing. Even when they’re aimed at a pair of swollen lips.

The only person I could see wanting to wear this stuff is teen idol/punkette poseur Avril Lavigne. Hey, she’s already got the crass finger flip down pat.

Photo credits: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead