emanuel piven getty Ari Gold's inspiration thought 'Entourage' would bombTurns out agent Ari Emanuel may not know everything after all, and it’s lucky for him that he doesn’t. The William Morris Endeavor CEO told a gathering at PepsiCo headquarters he didn’t tell his wife he was going to be portrayed in the series “Entourage” because he had his doubts about the program, The Daily is reporting.

“I didn’t think the show would go anywhere,” he tells the audience. Emanuel, of course, served as the model for Ari Gold, the role that earned Jeremy Piven three Emmys and two Golden Globes.

Despite Emanuel’s prediction, the show ran for eight seasons on HBO, is in wide syndication and is now slated for a turn on the big screen. The story adds that the only reason Emanuel’s wife found out about it is her friends told her.

Would Ari Gold fire Ari Emanuel for such a public disclosure?

Posted by:David Eckstein