ariannahuffington 290 Arianna Huffington, 'HIMYM' writer team up for sitcom“How I Met Your Mother” writer and producer Greg Malins has sold a pilot script to ABC for a show set in Washington — with the help of Huffington Post founder and political pundit Arianna Huffington.

The comedy would revolve around three first-term members of Congress, two men and a woman, who share a house together, sort of like “Three’s Company” but with committee hearing rooms instead of the Regal Beagle. The showbiz trade papers say ABC has given a script commitment to the project, which is tentatively called “Freshmen.”

Malins, Huffington and HuffPo founding editor Roy Sekoff came together thanks to 20th Century Fox TV, which produces “HIMYM” and has a deal with Malins. The three met and started hashing out ideas, eventually settling on the notion of three members of Congress living together (an occasional occurrence in D.C.) despite differing political backgrounds.

Malins, who’s also worked on “Friends” and “Will & Grace,” will write the script and executive produce with Huffington and Sekoff. Huffington will also be in front of the camera, in a manner of speaking, this season — she does voice work on “The Cleveland Show” for FOX.

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Posted by:Rick Porter