ariel winter mother abuse Ariel Winter's father and brother file statements in 'Modern Family' star's guardianship hearing

Ariel Winter’s father and brother have both weighed in via official court documents on the eve of the Nov. 20 court hearing which may decide guardianship of “Modern Family” star.

Winter’s father, Glenn Workman, filed an objection to the petition for full-time guardianship by his older daughter Shanelle Gray. “I am physically, emotionally, and financially capable of caring for my daughter, without limitation,” Workman says in his declaration, according to TMZ. “No evidence has been produced that suggests any detriment to Ariel associated with my father-daughter relationship with her.”

The declaration claims Workman is not interested in his daughter’s money (she reportedly makes $70,000 per episode, just like the other original “Modern” kids): “I am a frugal and modest person with a moderate income who doesn’t need Ariel’s income to survive.”

While Workman does not address the allegations that Winter endured physical and emotional abuse from his wife Chrystal, he does note that the mother-daughter relationship is “strained.”

However, Winter’s brother, one-time “Addams Family” film star Jimmy Workman, filed documents that explicitly support his mother by stating he never saw any instances of abuse beyond “normal mother and daughter arguments and banter back and forth but nothing more.”

According to TMZ, the younger Workman’s statement continues: “My position is not to take sides with anyone, but to get this family back to where it belongs. I as well believe that Shanelle Gray is not the right person to have custody of my younger sister Ariel.”

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