Ariel Winter's mother files defamation lawsuit against actor Matthew BorlenghiAriel Winter’s mother, Chrisoula Workman, has filed a defamation lawsuit against Matthew Borlenghi, an actor friend of her elder daughter, Shanelle Gray.

The point of contention is the following comment attributed to Borlenghi and posted on a LA Times blog in response to an article about Workman’s accusations that Winter was involved in an unlawful sexual relationship with an 18-year-old:

“This is a total falsehood. The mother is grasping and clawing to find a way not to lose her money-maker, and hide the fact that she is an abusive monster. Having spent time with her, and seeing the way she acted adoringly towards the boy, these accusations are disgusting, just as she is.”

Workman isn’t so happy with the “abusive monster” part of that. Hence the lawsuit.

Borlenghi told the Associated Press: “All I can say is that David (Gray) and Shanelle Gray are very close friends of mine and comments that Chris has made are absolutely fabricated. The negative comments she’s made about her own daughter in order to try to get custody back of Ariel are truly disgusting.”

Last month, a judge ruled that “Modern Family” co-star Winter would stay in the temporary custody of her sister, Gray, after child protective services presented “substantiated” evidence of emotional abuse toward Winter by Workman.

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