catherine bell army wives episodic lifetime 325 'Army Wives' Catherine Bell: 'I certainly don't know' who will returnCatherine Bell definitely is returning to “Army Wives,” but she says she’s not sure yet who else will.

Late last week, Lifetime gave a Season 7 renewal to the drama series, mentioning who was in the cast of the recently ended Season 6 …  but not specifying which actors would be back. There’s no question Bell will continue as Denise Sherwood, since she signed a two-year deal last spring with ABC Studios, which produces the show. As for others, both she and we will see.

“I certainly don’t know,” the friendly Bell tells Zap2it. Founding co-star Kim Delaney was absent for much of the past season, while television veterans Kelli Williams and Kellie Martin joined the cast. “Those girls are so great to work with,” Bell says of the relatively new additions. “They’re such good ladies, real pros who have done this for a long time.”

Another change that might have affected production of “Army Wives” hasn’t come to pass. The filming location would have moved from Charleston, S.C., to California if the show had been granted the tax credit it sought; that ultimately didn’t happen, so the South will remain the series’ home base.

“I just moved back to L.A. when work on this last season ended,” mother-of-two Bell reports. “It certainly would have been nice to be able to stay close to home, but with the back-and-forth, the seasons go by pretty fast. Doing 13 episodes takes only five months, but it’s a long flight. You have to fly through Atlanta or Charlotte, then change planes, so it’s about an eight-hour journey.”

“JAG” alum Bell also was in Toronto recently to film two more of Hallmark Channel’s recurring “Good Witch” movies back-to-back. The first of those — “The Good Witch’s Charm” — debuts Saturday, Oct. 29, with main character Cassie facing wide exposure of her seemingly magical talents.

Hoping to take the rest of the year off, since she notes she’s been “working steadily for about six or seven years now,” Bell says “Army Wives” filming could ramp back up as soon as December … but she’s hoping for January instead. However it turns out, she’ll be glad to resume the life of Denise, who surely had her share of drama last season.

“There was a helicopter crash, and since she’s more of a nurse practictioner now, she’s getting more medical responsibilities. And she even got to hold a gun and kill a guy! I told our showrunner, ‘You know, I kind of miss doing the action stuff.'”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin