army wives season 7 finale lifetime 'Army Wives' finale: Season 8 uncertain   Should Lifetime renew or cancel?Lifetime’s long-running “Army Wives” wrapped up Season 7 on Sunday night (June 9) — its first without original cast member Kim Delaney. While the show injected a handful of new blood (Ashanti, Brooke Shields and Torrey DeVitto), with only one original wife around (Catherine Bell‘s Denise), is the show worth renewing?

Lifetime has yet to order an 8th season for the show, but with a finale that seemed focused on setting up a sort of “Army Wives: The Next Generation,” further sidelining Bell’s character and offering an apparent exit for fellow original cast member Wendy Davis, it’s clear a Season 8 will be a season utterly unrecognizable from its early years.

Focusing heavily on Holly’s (Elle McLemore, another Season 7 addition) struggles with husband Tim’s (Jesse McCartney) obvious PTSD and Gloria’s (Alyssa Diaz) indecision over who she wanted to be with — ex-husband Hector (Joseph Julian Soria) or Patrick (Brant Daugherty) — Bell was left with little to do except walk in on Lt. General Holden (Brian McNamara) kissing Col. Young (Shields), an affront to the memory of Delaney’s recently-deceased Claudia Joy.

The season wrapped up on a relatively upbeat note, leaving very little plot dangling. Denise gave Holden and Young her blessing, Holly got Tim into a hospital for treatment, and Gloria seemed ready to go back to Hector. With no real cliffhanger, is there much reason for the show to come back? Or is it time for “Army Wives” to go into retirement?

Posted by:Billy Nilles