Dr. Arnold Klein, a Beverly Hills dermatologist with a powerful and pampered celebrity clientele, admits he once donated sperm to a sperm bank.

And he also admits he gave Michael Jackson prescriptions for Demerol, although he did not prescribe Diprivan, found in Jackson's home when he died and suspected of causing his death.

Klein said Wednesday that he discovered that Jackson was using Diprivan while on tour in Germany. Klein warned Jackson the drug was dangerous.  "I told him he was absolutely insane."

Yeah, because warning a drug addict about using drugs always does a world of good.

You may recall this was the Dangerous Tour, after which Jackson publicly admitted an addiction to prescription painkillers and was hospitalized and even went into rehab.

But wait til you hear what Klein says about his sperm donation and who should get Michael's kids.


When Larry King asked Klein if he was the sperm donor for Michael's children, Klein did not meet his gaze.

When King pressed him on whether he was the biological father of Michael's kids, this exchange occurred:

KING: Now what about all the rumors about you and the fathering of those children?

KLEIN: Here's the most important thing. Michael loved those children as a father. Those children loved him as a father. As far as I am concerned, that's the most important grouping that is. KING: That's not answering the question. KLEIN: No, because I'm not going to answer it the way you want me to answer it, because… KING: Well, you can say no. KLEIN: I can say no then. I will say no if that's what you want to hear. KING: No, I want to hear what you know. KLEIN: What I will tell you is I think what's most important about this whole thing, to end this thing, is that the most important thing in who the father is — who the children want their father to be.

Klein also feels his former nurse Debbie Rowe should get the kids because Katherine Jackson is too old and Joe Jackson is out of it.

Yeah, not like a reclusive and disfigured 50-year-old drug addict who needs painkillers to make it through the day and intravenous anesthesia to sleep.

Klein didn't go to the memorial. He says he's an Orthodox Jew and doesn't approve of the body not being buried by now.

But was he even invited?

After all, the Jackson family gave LAPD a list of doctors they were suspicious of. And whaddya know? Klein's name was on the list.

What do you think about this guy? Are you curious?

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