arnold-Schwarzenegger-son-with-housekeeper-affair-love-child-pics-photos-gi-97.jpgArnold Schwarzenegger didn’t wait for someone else to write a tell-all about his secret son, Joseph, and the marriage-ending affair he had with his housekeeper, Mildred Baena. He spills all of the details himself in his new memoir, “Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story,” out Oct. 1.
The actor and former California governor reveals that his ex-wife, Maria Shriver, initiated a therapy session for the two of them the day after his term as governor ended. 

“The minute we sat down, the therapist turned to me and said, ‘Maria wanted to come here today and to ask about a child — whether you fathered a child with your housekeeper Mildred,'” Schwarzenegger writes (per ABC News). “I told the therapist, ‘It’s true.'” 

Schwarzenegger then pleaded with Shriver, telling her he had “screwed up” and that she was the “perfect wife.” Shriver, who had previously defended her husband against infidelity rumors, separated from Schwarzenegger and later filed for divorce.

He writes that he and Baena had sex in 1996 in his family’s guest house while his wife and children were away on vacation. Over the years, he tried to convince himself that Joseph’s father was actually Baena’s husband, but the resemblance between himself and the boy was so strong that he “realized there was little doubt that he was my son.”  

Posted by:Jennifer Harper