arnold last stand gi Arnold Schwarzenegger makes 'Last Stand' his next movieAside from his brief cameo in “The Expendables,” Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn’t made a movie since he was elected California governor in 2003. That’s about to change.

Schwarzenegger’s return to the big screen will be in a western called “Last Stand,” which we’re guessing he hopes isn’t a prophetic/ironic title. Deadline reports that he’ll play the sheriff of a Texas border town who has to decide, a la “High Noon,” whether to stand up to outlaws, in this case members of a drug cartel.

After he left office Schwarzenegger announced he was considering several movie projects and working on an animated series called “The Governator” with comics legend Stan Lee. The revelation that he had fathered a child with a housekeeper cooled those talks, but Lionsgate, which is producing “Last Stand,” is betting that by the movie’s release next year, that will be old news.

Schwarzenegger is also attached to a project called “Cry Macho,” but that will take a back seat to “Last Stand.” Director Jee-woon Kim (“I Saw the Devil,” “The Good, the Bad, the Weird”) is directing, and filming is scheduled to start in September.

Will you go see Arnold in the movies again? Does this sound like a good role for him?

Posted by:Rick Porter