arnold schwarzenegger gi Arnold Schwarzenegger shopping new 'Terminator' movie; he said he'd be backNow that he’s done with all that governating, Arnold Schwarzenegger is turning his attention back to his prime directive — terminating. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the actor-turned-politician is shopping a package that includes rights to a new “Terminator” sequel to be directed by “Fast Five” director Justin Lin.

Schwarzenegger didn’t appear in the franchise’s third film, “Terminator Salvation,” and there’s the little matter of “The Sarah Conner Chronicles” to work into the mythology, but we’re confident Schwarzenegger can put together another cyborg-vs-human smash hit. The script will just have to account for the peaceful passing of Judgment Day.

Get original co-stars Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn on board and we’d be totally sold.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson