around the world in 80 plates winner 'Around the World in 80 Plates' winner: Avery Pursell or Liz Garrett, who won the money?“Around the World in 80 Plates” crowned its very first winner Wednesday night (July 18). The final three chefs were down to Liz Garrett, Steve “Nookie” Postal and Avery Pursell. The final episode took the chefs to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay, where they have two hours to prepared a traditional Uruguayan dish to win the most important exceptional ingredient.

Liz makes steak, arugula and strawberry salad with crumbled sausage, Nookie makes grilled chorizo with onions, arugula and lady apples and Avery makes roasted chicken with arugula and citrus salad. Avery wins and the most exceptional ingredient is the power to choose her opponent for the final challenge. The other person goes home right away. Avery chooses Liz.

The Final Takeover

They get to select two chefs from the competition to help them out with the challenge, which is one country they’ve been to per plate. Avery does Thailand with toasted coconut sand with shrimp, Argentina with a beef filet with vegetables, and Morocco with a mint tea and spiced pears.

Liz does Thailand with Thai beef salad on crispy rice, Italy with mushroom-braised chicken and Argentina with vanilla custard and orange empanada.

They both get great comments. Liz’s Thai beef dish gets the best dish of the entire night. It was a close vote, but Avery wins the title and the $150,000 prize.

“My family was so supportive and so behind me. I know my dad would be very proud. He’s been with me the entire time in spirit,” says Avery, after her win.

What do you think, “80 Plates” fans? Did the right person win?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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