Though it’s been previously reported that the Arrested Development movie is definitely happening, the truth is, executive producer Mitch Hurwitz and company have a long way to go before we can say that for sure.

At FOX’s TCA this afternoon to promote his upcoming animated sitcom, Sit Down Shut Up (which looks quite promising, by the way… Will Arnett and Jason Bateman — who have signed on for the Arrested film — were also here for the panel!!), Hurwitz did say that they "have a deal more or less in place with Fox Searchlight" and he’s optimistic. However, after the panel, he told me that he does not yet even have a story for the film, because he’s still waiting to see which cast members are definitely on board.

Of course, the series’ break out star Michael Cera is reportedly the lone hold out, but Hurwitz said he’s still hopeful that Cera will sign on… so hopeful that he’s holding off on the writing process for now.

And supposedly, the dream is still alive. Mitch was quick to mention that Michael is, and always has been, a very intelligent, thoughtful guy. Even as an out-of-work 14-year-old from Canada, he apparently took his time reading the Arrested Development pilot script and only expressed interest after "responding" to the material. So Hurwitz isn’t surprised that he’s taking time to contemplate whether or not he wants to do the film. Jason Bateman echoed this sentiment.

So, what do you think? If Cera ultimately decides not to do it, could an Arrested Development movie still work without him? Should Hurwitz just go ahead and start writing the story minus George Michael?

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh