arrested development season 5 talks netflix 'Arrested Development' in talks for a Season 5 on Netflix
One season of “Arrested Development” on Netflix seemed like a dream come true. But could there be another one to follow? Brian Grazer says the show is in talks with Netflix to make Season 5 a reality.

Grazer broke the news about Netflix in an interview with Bloomberg Television on Thursday (July 11). “We are in conversations with them to do another [season],” the “Arrested Development” executive producer said. “They are interested in doing that.”

Originally, the idea was to have only the one, 15-episode season of “Arrested Development” on Netflix. Since the show’s successful release this spring, however, the idea of more episodes has come up. “If the talent were willing to do more and interested in that, I’m sure we would be willing,” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said in May.

After the was canceled at the end of its original three-season run in 2006, “Arrested Development” fans kept agitating for another season — or at least a movie to bring the highly dysfunctional Bluths back to the screen. TV networks never seemed to get interested, but Netflix took the gamble. The online video service put “Arrested Development” front-and-center in its new strategy of original series.

Posted by:Laurel Brown