arrested development season 5 netflix 'Arrested Development' is coming back on Netflix: 'There's no question,' says Ted Sarandos

Rest your fears, “Arrested Development” fans: the Bluth family will be coming back on Netflix. It’s no longer a matter of “if,” but simply a matter of “when” and “how,” Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos reveals in a new interview.

“There’s no question. It’s a matter of when and what form it takes,” Sarandos tells TheWrap. “We kicked around the idea of doing another season, or doing a movie.”

Just don’t expect an “Arrested Development” movie to hit the big screen. Sarandos says theatrical distribution “is not really consistent” with what Netflix is all about.

Sarandos also says there are no hard feelings about “House of Cards” losing Outstanding Drama Series to “Breaking Bad.” After all, “Breaking Bad’s” continued popularity and increased viewership have Netflix to thank. Series creator Vince Gilligan knows it, as Sarandos says he personally thanked Netflix backstage at the Emmys for “saving” the series.

As for Netflix’s other thriving series, “Orange is the New Black,” Sarandos reveals it was a bit of a ratings juggernaut. “More people watched ‘Orange Is the New Black’ in the first week than any of our others, even ‘Arrested Development,'” Sarandos says.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz