jason bateman arrested development not without my daughter season 1 fox 'Arrested Development' Rewatch: Season 1, episode 21   'Not Without My Daughter'Welcome to the “Arrested Development” Rewatch. Leading up to the release of Season 4, Zap2it
will be taking a look back at the 53 episodes that made the show one of our
most beloved TV comedies. We continue with episode 21 of Season 1, “Not Without My Daughter,” which first aired April 25, 2004.
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Plot: It’s Take Your Daughter to Work day and Michael is concerned that George Michael still wants to play along with their old gag that he’s Michael’s daughter. In an attempt to be a positive role model for Maeby, Michael brings her to work with him instead and offers her a cash prize if she goes an entire day without lying. She accepts if he agrees to the same terms, which backfires when the police come to ask about Kitty’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Lindsay doesn’t want anyone to know she’s taken a job as a saleswoman so she pretends she shoplifted her new clothes, which Gob views as a challenge to his skills as a magician. And Lucille asks Oscar to be her date to Annyong’s soccer game, which upsets Buster — and also upsets George Sr. when Buster mentions it during a prison visit.

GIF-worthy scenes:

arrested development david cross tobias security guard not without my daughter animated gif 'Arrested Development' Rewatch: Season 1, episode 21   'Not Without My Daughter'arrested developmentportia de rossi lindsay saleswoman not without my daughter animated gif 'Arrested Development' Rewatch: Season 1, episode 21   'Not Without My Daughter'Secondary characters introduced: Jerry C. Minor (“Saturday Night Live,” “Community”) as Officer Carter, partner of Officer Taylor (Jay Johnston reprising the role from “Missing Kitty”).

Notable guest stars: Future “Survivor” contestant Jonathan Penner plays Detective Fellows who interrogates Michael at the police station. And “Kids In the Hall” member Kevin McDonald is Detective Streudler who gives Maeby the security code to a locked room at the station. Also, Henry Winkler returns as Barry Zuckerkorn.

Milestones: The first hint that Oscar is really Buster’s father

Huge mistakes: Michael’s nerves keep making him look worse and worse during the Kitty investigation. Buster tries to prove he’s a man by knocking over all the kids at the soccer game. Gob buys mice to use as a distraction while he shoplifts clothes from Lindsay’s store, but he’s caught by the security guard’s daughter.

Most sexual tension: Oscar tries to feel up Lucille at the soccer game and she pushes him away.

Allusions to Tobias being gay: When Gob puts on the “Girls with Low Self-Esteem” video, Michael asks Tobias, “Is that what you want?” and Tobias immediately responds “Oh God, no,” before realizing Michael was talking about giving Maeby boundaries. And when Tobias says he could become a security guard if he wanted to he rhetorically asks if that will be “butch” enough for Lindsay.

Next on “Arrested Development”: “Tobias loses his security job trying to solve the store’s mice problem, Lindsay, now without a job, goes with her initial instinct. And Annyong exacts his revenge.”

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