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Welcome to “Arrested Development” Rewatch. Leading up to the release of Season 4, Zap2it will be taking a look back at the 53 episodes that made “AD” one of our most beloved TV comedies. Watch the first three seasons of “Arrested Development” on Netflix. Today we’re covering the fifth episode of Season 3, “Mr. F,” which premiered Nov. 7, 2005.

The Rita Leeds storyline reaches its climax when it’s revealed in “Mr. F” that Michael’s latest girlfriend is actually a mentally retarded female. Michael has been oblivious about many things during the course of “Arrested Development,” most notably his son’s love of his cousin, but the fact he managed to miss this because he was too focused on his own problems brings his character to a new low. This plotline gets all the more hilarious when Michael proposes to Rita in the final moments of this episode.

Michael’s relationship with Rita takes a turn for the worse when he thinks that she’s a spy going under the alias “Mr. F” and tipping off the government with the Bluth Company’s secrets. That spy is actually Tobias, who is the informant for a man he believes is an acting agent. Meanwhile GOB tries to fool Japanese investors into thinking the Sudden Valley development is squared away by building a fake version of it using smaller models. That illusion (a trick is something a whore does for money, after all) is spoiled by Tobias trampling over it while dressed as a mole and George Michael flying over it with the jetpack he accidentally received. Meanwhile, Maeby turns her film flop, “Love Indubitably,” into a ride at Tantamount Studios that also ends up being a disaster, and Tobias’ hair plugs might be killing him.

GIF-worthy scene:

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Bluth Company status: The Japanese investors come to investigate the mole problem in the Sudden Valley development. GOB and Buster (pretending to be George Sr.) build a “Tiny Town” version to trick the men, but unfortunately it gets ruined by Tobias dressed as a mole and George Michael flying around with a jetpack. It’s embarrassing for everyone involved.

Notable guest stars: Charlize Theron as Rita Leeds, Scott Baio as Bob Loblaw, Frankie Muniz as himself.

Memorable line: “‘Alias’ is a show about a spy!” – Buster

Milestones: Godzilla impressions become the new chicken dance.

Huge mistakes: Tobias thinks a CIA agent is actually a CAA agent, while Michael makes a huge mistake telling Rita all the dark secrets around his family. He doesn’t realize she’s actually a mentally retarded female, or that Maeby has taken a job at Tantamount Studios.

Recurring jokes worth remembering: Maeby’s job as a production agent, the spy in the Bluth Company being called “Mr. F,” George Michael’s obsession with
“Les Cousins Dangereux,” George Sr.’s love of ice cream sandwiches and Michael’s self-centeredness making him miss important revelations.

Allusions to Tobias being gay: Tobias is “friends” with his gym buddy Frank, who is actually a CIA agent — not CAA, like Tobias thinks.

Most sexual tension: Michael becomes closer with Rita, who may or may not be a spy for the Brits. He offers to marry her in order for her to get her green card and stay in the country.

Best narrator commentary: “I ache with embarrassment.”

Next on “Arrested Development”: George Sr. almost finds Annyong hidden in Lucille’s walls and Michael and Rita “start a life together,” beginning with Rita eating her chocolate star “prize.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz