natasha leggero burning love sxsw gi 'Arrested Development' Season 4: Busy Philipps and Natasha Leggero to guest star

Add Busy Philipps and Natasha Leggero to the growing list of guest stars in the upcoming “Arrested Development” Season 4. Zap2it can reveal first the pair play news anchors in an undisclosed episode of the season that is being kept teasingly under wraps. 
Mitch [Hurwitz] just knew my comedy and I just got a call and they asked me to do it,” says Leggero of landing the role. “We did a lot of improv.” 
Leggero describes a working scenario on set that not many actors get a chance to experience. “I had never worked with someone like Mitch before, and he’s pretty amazingly brilliant,” she says. “He would just have ideas in his head, and he would say, ‘Well maybe you could say something like this,’ then he would give 10 hilarious examples. 
“Then he would say, ‘And then you can respond with something like this,’ and then he would give 10 hilarious examples. And then you would just repeat one of them and it would be great.
“I had never had a director also be improvising from his head, and writing it kind of as we were going,” says Leggero. “So it was pretty amazing.”
Leggero describes herself as a huge fan of the first three seasons of the show. “It’s like the only TV show that I’ve really been into in my adult television lifetime,” she explains. “I just love class, and when they play around with class. I love the Lindsay Bluth character [played by Portia de Rossi], and I love Liza Minelli coming on, and the mother [played by Jessica Walter] and just sort of their obliviousness to money.” 
When Zap2it mentions comparisons to “Absolutely Fabulous,” Leggero agrees. “I love that show as well. And I think that maybe the similarity is these characters are so confident and, you know, we see their flaws,” she says. “And they just don’t. It makes them almost charming.”
In keeping with the theme of Zap2it’s “Arrested Development” Rewatch, we had to ask Natasha about her favorite recurring joke. “I love the joke of how Michael, Jason Bateman‘s character, doesn’t think George Michael’s girlfriend [Ann] is attractive,” she says. “He was always trying to like steer him towards someone else. I thought that was really funny.” 
(Wait … “Her?”)
Aside from her stint on “AD,” Natasha guest stars on an upcoming episode of “Community” and will return for Season 3 of “Burning Love.” She’s also still a regular on the standup circuit, making her next appearance at the Bottle Rock Napa Valley festival May 10. “Whenever my funny friends ask me to do stuff, I’ve just been doing it,” she says.
All 15 episodes of “Arrested Development” Season 4 debut on Netflix May 26. Previously reported guest stars include John Krasinski, Kristen Wiig, Conan O’Brien, and the cast of “Workaholics.” 
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