When “Arrested Development” returns with a fourth season on May 26, the fan-favorite Bluth family and their lovable entourage of eccentric associates are going to be joined by a whole slew of new faces. From John Krasinski to Isla Fisher to the cast of “Workaholics,” the folks behind “Arrested Development” pulled out all the stops getting exciting new guest stars to join in Season 4.

One of the new additions fans have most been looking forward to is Kristen Wiig, who plays the role of young Lucille in several flashback scenes. Zap2it recently had the chance to sit down with Jessica Walter, who calls herself “lucky” to have had a version of her character played by such a talented comedian.

“I saw her in the premiere episode, the only thing we’ve seen, and she really nailed it. I mean, she was wonderful. How lucky am I that she played the young Lucille!” Walter says.

Though the “Arrested Development” cast sometimes does get a say in their characters, Walter admits she was never asked who should play young Lucille. “I had no say,” she admits. “Nobody asked me and I had no idea who they were considering or who wanted to do it, and when I heard that it was her — who I’ve never met, but I’d love to — I was just absolutely blown away because I think she’s great.”

Seven years have passed in real life and in the series since “Arrested Development” went off the air, but Walter warns not to expect too much change from her character. Lucille has always been a horrible mother, and just because she’s older now doesn’t mean she’s learned any new parenting skills.

“Mothering skills are not her strong suit. Let’s say that that continues. That continues. It’s not easy to learn mothering skills when you’re that old,” Walter says. As to which of her children Lucille has been the worse to, Walter adds, “She doesn’t think she’s been bad to anybody. As she says, ‘I love all my children equally … I don’t care for GOB.’ But probably Buster because he doesn’t have the strength to move away. He has a hook. Oh my god, poor Busty.”

Zap2it has been conducting an “Arrested Development” Rewatch in anticipation of “Arrested Development’s” upcoming Season 4 — a feature that Walter admits she’s taken a look at — and some of the main things we’ve been breaking down are the major jokes that have recurred throughout “Arrested Development’s” first three seasons. When asked which is her favorite, Walter had a tough time picking just one.

“I love the music, the Snoopy Peanuts music they play when everything sad happens or something droopy happens. And of course I love, ‘I’ve made a huge mistake.’ Everybody gets to say that one. Um, ‘Come on!’ GOB’s thing. GOB has a lot of them,” she says.

Walter has kept herself busy on the small screen since “Arrested Development” went off the air in 2006. One of her most hilarious television roles since FOX pulled the plug on “Arrested Development” has been playing Malory Archer in FX’s animated comedy “Archer.” It’s easy to argue that the character of Malory was inspired in many ways by Lucille, and since Walter has been voicing Mallory for five years, we couldn’t resist asking if any of the ISIS head had made her way back into the Bluth matriarch.

“Now that’s a good question. Ooh. They’re almost incestuous, those two,” Walter answers. “I’m sure some of Malory — except Malory is so … that show is so out there, pushing the envelope. I don’t even understand half the things that I say that I do. They had a thing on it recently where in the script it went, ‘Bam chica bom boom’ or something and I said, ‘What is that?’ He said, ‘Well, it’s a porn thing,’ and I said, ‘A porn thing?’ Adam Reed, who’s our creator, he had to do it for me. I said, ‘Just do it so I can imitate it!’ I can’t even do it now.”

Walter admits she was faced with a similar dilemma when she was first asked to perform the infamous “Arrested Development” chicken dance.

“I went in my dressing room and I thought, ‘How will I? What am I going to do? Oh my god, I’m such a klutz!'” Walters remembers. “So I came up with my little ‘a-coodle-doodle-doo.’ Oh my god, how original is that.”

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“Arrested Development’s” 15-episode fourth season airs on Netflix on May 26. If you need help catching up on the first three seasons, check out Zap2it’s “Arrested Development” Rewatch.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz