ron howard getty 'Arrested Development' Season 4: Narrator Ron Howard steps in front of the cameraOver the course of the first three seasons of “Arrested Development,” Ron Howard served not only as the show’s executive producer, but also as the omnipresent narrator. In the final aired episode, Howard finally appeared on camera — and now, he’s set to make another in-the-flesh appearance when Season 4 comes to Netflix.

“I’m also told that I’m going to have to make an appearance as I did in
the last episode of ‘Arrested Development’ — I’m showing up again at
some point,” Howard tells CNN.
“So, I’m going to have to film that soon which will be kind of fun.
Usually I’m a little too busy, but, with Mitch [Hurwitz] and ‘Arrested
Development,’ it’s irresistible.”

In a separate interview, Howard dished to MTV that the cast was still enthusiastic about the show despite its 6-year hiatus. “They’re having the greatest time getting together and getting back
into it,” he says. “It’s cool and bold and funny, and out there taking
chances, just like it always did.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie