“Arrested Development” Season 4 is only 12 days away from premiering on Netflix, which means that the promotion is coming fast and hard for the upcoming 15-episode season. Portia de Rossi appeared on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” to hype the show, and also unveiled a new clip from the upcoming episodes.

This clip features de Rossi’s Lindsay Bluth Funke and David Cross‘ Tobias Funke as they try to buy a house from Ed Helms‘ character, James “I Don’t Sell” Carr(s). Helms seems to be reprising the house salesman role from his appearance in “Arrested Development’s” Season 2 premiere, “The One Where Michael Leaves.”

Lindsay and Tobias don’t seem to have changed much since “Arrested Development’s” third season ended. Not only does Lindsay initially deny having a child, but she and her husband still have no work ethic, no home and no money for themselves. Oh how we missed the Bluths family.

During her interview with Fallon, de Rossi hedges about whether or not an “Arrested Development” movie will come after Season 4 airs on May 26. “We thought that finally we’d just have to not answer that question anymore,” she says. “I hope it happens.”

She also teases that the best way to watch the new season is “in any order.” “They’re all kind of standalone and, depending on the order you watch them in, kind of give you a different perspective. It’s pretty cool,” de Rossi says.

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Posted by:Terri Schwartz