Netflix gets us, “Arrested Development” fans, it really gets us. The company that resurrected the Bluth family after seven years of being off the air has released a hilarious teaser trailer for the upcoming fourth season replete with the stair car, an ostrich and the return of Kitty Sanchez.

While a teaser isn’t indicative of an entire series, what’s shown in this trailer is that the jokes that make “Arrested Development’s” first three seasons such a treasure have remained intact. From the “Final Countdown” to Buster’s love of juice to George Michael and Maeby’s incestual (or not) relationship, it seems that everything we’ve loved about “Arrested Development” in the decade since it was first released is still there in Season 4.

The new season of “Arrested Development” will air in its 15-episode entirety on Netflix starting May 26. If you need help catching up on the past three seasons, check out Zap2it’s “Arrested Development” Rewatch. It will help remind you why Michael is used to a car that gets a lot of stairs stares.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz