arrested development return date 'Arrested Development' Season 4 will be released on Netflix: See the episode titles

UPDATE: Sources at Netflix tell us that the May 4 premiere date previously reported is “inaccurate.” The original story continues below.

This isn’t an illusion, or even a trick: “Arrested Development” is returning to us. All 14 episodes of the fourth season of the show will air at once on Netflix, as was announced earlier this year.

The Fox Flash press and publicity website had listed the release date as May 4, and all 14 episode titles, but has since taken them down. Fortunately the fine folks over at ONTD! grabbed them before they were removed so that we can start obsessing over them early.

Here is the full episode listing for Season 4:

– “Michael 1”
– “Michael 2”
– “George Sr. 1”
– “George Sr. 2”
– “Lindsay 1”
– “Lindsay 2”
– “Tobias”
– “Gob”
– “Maeby”
– “Lucille”
– “Buster”
– “George Michael 1”
– “George Michael 2”
– “Gob 2”

Yes, we just blue ourselves too.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz