arrested development season 4 netflix 'Arrested Development' will get more than 10 episodes on NetflixEver since “Arrested Development” went back into production for Netflix, there have been rumblings that creator Mitch Hurwitz and his team would end up producing more than the 10 new episodes Netflix ordered.

David Cross said as much back in August, and around the same time Netflix started hedging by saying “at least” 10 episodes would run. Now comes confirmation that the new season of “Arrested Development” will indeed extend past 10 episodes.

Deadline reports that during production on the first 10, Hurwitz and Co. shot more footage than they needed, and he and the writers also came up with ideas for additional stories. The show is taking a production hiatus to figure out how to incorporate the extra footage and the new scenes and will resume filming in January.

Netflix still isn’t saying exactly how many episodes it will end up running, but it will likely be 12 to 15. “Arrested Development” is still targeted for release in April.

Posted by:Rick Porter