jessica de gouw arrow 'Arrow' adds The Huntress: Meet Jessica De GouwThe CW’s new series “Arrow” is digging a little deeper into the DC universe to introduce a new hero to the mix: The Huntress.

Australian actress Jessica De Gouw will play the part in multiple episodes of the series, according to EW. She’s expected to appear midway through the show’s fall run.

In DC Comics, The Huntress has been more closely associated with Batman and Gotham City, not Oliver Queen and Green Arrow. That won’t be the case on the show, obviously, as the character — whose real name is Helena Bertinelli — arrives in Starling City with motives not all that different from Oliver’s (Stephen Amell).

Per EW, Helena is also “a potential love interest for Oliver” and a “fellow vigilante” who’s hell-bent on taking down the crime syndicate once run by her father.

Incidentally, De Gouw will be the second actress to play The Huntress on a WB/CW series. Ashley Scott played a version of the character on the 2003 drama “Birds of Prey.”

“Arrow” premieres Oct. 10 on The CW.

Posted by:Rick Porter