david anders vampire diaries 'Arrow' casts David Anders: The 'Once Upon a Time' star takes on Oliver QueenThe CW’s No. 1 new drama, “Arrow,” is on a mission to snap up every genre actor we’ve ever loved. As if “Torchwood” star John Barrowman and fallen “Fringe” hero Seth Gabel weren’t enough to keep us coming back for more, our intrepid hooded vigilante will soon be going head to head with one of our all-time TV favorites.

Zap2it has confirmed exclusively that David Anders will be making the leap to Starling City to do battle with Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) in episode 13.

Anders won us over as Sark on “Alias” and cemented his place in our hearts
as the dearly departed Uncle John on “The Vampire Diaries.” He can currently be seen on “Once Upon a Time” as the mysterious Dr. Frankenstein.

On “Arrow,” Anders plays Cyrus Vanch, a new threat to Starling City. Vanch is a ruthless career criminal who is released from prison after a long stint. Of course, as soon as he’s got his freedom, he goes right back to his nefarious ways.

Laurel (Katie Cassidy) is particularly invested in taking Vanch down. When she discovers that the police can’t get him off the streets, she turns to the Arrow for help. Unfortunately, the cunning Vanch is one step ahead of them — he’s looking to take control of Starling City’s criminal underworld, and in order to prove himself to the lowlifes, he’s got a mind to eliminate the man criminals fear most.

(Yep. That would be the Arrow.)

Naturally, things don’t go as planned, and their attempt to bring Vanch to justice puts both Laurel and Oliver at risk, for very different reasons. Vanch is unlike any foe Arrow has faced, and he presents a whole new challenge for our hero.

Tune in to “Arrow” Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie