arrow interview david ramsey diggle keep your enemies closer cw 'Arrow': David Ramsey on Diggle's future with Deadshot and romance“Arrow” is about to revisit the vendetta between John Diggle and Deadshot in the upcoming “Keep Your Enemies Closer” episode. Will Diggle finally get his revenge? How will this affect his work with Oliver or his future romance possibilities?

We got answers from actor David Ramsey in this interview.

What is coming between Diggle and Deadshot?

David Ramsey: You’re going to see Diggle in ways you haven’t seen him. The large build-up that we’ve seen between Diggle and Deadshot — the vendetta, Diggle’s vendetta — I think will finally get a payoff. And I think I’m happy to say it will get a payoff that it deserves. Ultimately, people are going to be happy with how he handles Deadshot.

How does confronting Deadshot affect Diggle?

David Ramsey: For Diggle, Diggle’s always trying to be the voice of reason, the moral center, the conscience in Arrow’s quest to become — the vigilante’s quest to become Arrow. In Oliver’s balancing act to become Arrow, he’s always trying to be the moral center. But when it comes to Deadshot, all that stuff is kind of going out the window for Diggle. He compromises that ‘Maybe we shouldn’t kill. Maybe we should revisit how we serve justice’ thing. He just wants to kill Deadshot. So we’re going to see how that plays out in this episode. I think they do it justice.

What’s going on with Diggle in Season 2?

David Ramsey: I think, ultimately, we have to give a payout with Diggle as to why he’s really here. And I think we’ll see that this season. Ultimately, there’s something in Diggle that’s keeping him here, and I think we’ll see that revealed. The brother he couldn’t save, Andy, who he lost. Perhaps Oliver is that Andy? I think there’s something holding him there besides his sense of duty. Which is an incredible, compelling force in his life. It always has been. That’s why he’s been special ops, that’s why he’s been military, his sense of duty. Helping others has always been a big part of who he was.

But I think there’s something bigger than that with his relationship with Oliver. I think this season’s arc is to review that and if that strengthens the bond. And some of those things that I think, from that relationship, will ease the tension between the two men. I think ultimately both these men have large problems in forming attachments and forming bonds, and I think that they learn how to do that by forming a tighter bond with each other. That ultimately helps them become partners. Even though they’re pseudo-partners, they’re still at odds in philosophy. And I think ultimately the arc for Diggle is to become at-one with Oliver’s philosophy — and Oliver at-one with Diggle’s philosophy. Ultimately. He’s still staying what he is, in terms of the mentor, in terms of the help. But in terms of the bond, it’s how they relate to each other. That’s a big, important part of the arc.

How do you see Diggle’s relationship with Felicity?

David Ramsey: The relationship that he has with Felicity — from his perspective, I think he respects her talent and the IT-supreme, the whiz kid that can crack into any code on the planet. He respects that from kind of a reconnaissance point of view.

Diggle doesn’t stray too much from being a protector. I think that’s what he innately is. Felicity falls right underneath that umbrella of someone he protects. I think you’ll see him train her more — at least I hope you see that. I think, from his position, she’s kind of a liability in the field, and I think that Diggle feels she needs more training, so I hope we see more of that. Again, I just think that she falls under that umbrella of someone he does and always will protect.

Is there any sort of romance coming for Diggle in the upcoming episodes?

David Ramsey: You’ll see it tomorrow night in a very real way what he feels romantically — and what’s in the future for him, romantically.

Other than the romance thing, what else do you want to see for Diggle in Season 2?

David Ramsey: I love to see Diggle in action. I love when I read the script and I see Diggle is the sniper on the roof, having Oliver’s back. That he’s in the field. I think that’s where Diggle … Diggle’s a soldier. He’s infantry. He’s recon. I think that’s where he sort of is naturally. He does some research and then he goes to the field. I think that’s where he kind of wants to be. I just want to see Diggle in the field more. I mean, in the field, on the roof — more action for Diggle.

“Arrow” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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