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Is this it for Oliver Queen’s career as a vigilante hero on “Arrow”? Only two episodes into Season 2, and it looks like Laurel has caught the Hood in an inescapable police net. How does Oliver get out of this? The show won’t tell us until next week.

All that we know right now is how Oliver got to a place where Laurel could catch him.

Roy fails this city, but not for lack of trying

While Oliver shows us that a summer on the island hasn’t hurt his abs one bit, a truck heist is going down somewhere else in the city. Or it would be, if Roy weren’t such a good (and reckless) driver willing to take on machine gun-wielding motorcyclists.

Alas, there’s only so much that even Roy can do — gunfire causes the boy to flip his car. The cops arrest him, and the real bad guys take out the truck drivers and escape. One of them is China White. She is just as much of a psycho killer as she was last year.

Meanwhile, back at Verdant, Oliver and Diggle are hanging out for no good reason when Thea gets the call to pick up Roy at the police station. Laurel has already questioned the kid about his connection to the Hood by this point, but she doesn’t want to press charges.

Roy gets to go home after a brief, vague mention of the Black Canary (Note: This is totally foreshadowing, by the way) and a forceful pep talk from Oliver. But is home all that great? Thea is justifiably pissed and gives her boyfriend an ultimatum: Roy can end their relationship with a severance check or he can take Oliver’s Buddhist reconnection rock and give up fighting.

No decision is made quickly on this one.

Sebastian Blood is out for blood

Roy’s whole reason for being involved with this particular bit of vigilantism is the Glades Memorial Hospital. Someone has been stealing all of the medicine meant for the facility, and the police are unable to stop it.

Can Oliver help? It’s hard to say. While he and Diggle do tour the chaotic halls of medicine, they are met with an angry mob outside. A local politician, Sebastian Blood, is gleefully whipping the media and his constituents into an anti-Queen frenzy, which is all very unpleasant.

Don’t ask Felicity for coffee

Back at Queen Consolidated, Oliver assigns everyone on the team cover identities. Not that either Diggle or Felicity much like their jobs of “black driver” and “secretary.” Felicity is especially irritated and repeatedly refuses to get coffee or do much of anything that’s not computer or hacking-related.

Felicity is the best person ever, by the way.

Coffee wouldn’t have changed a meeting with Blood anyway. The politician and Oliver meet in the office for a brief skirmish of words before Oliver offers to host a benefit that will get the elite interested in the Glades. Sebastian Blood goes for it, but you know this is not the best man to trust — he’s a politician.

This week’s crime is hard on truck drivers

Once Felicity has ignored coffee in favor of tracking FEMA shipments to the hospital, Oliver is able to go confront the bad guys trying to hijack the trucks. Unfortunately for those trucks’ drivers, our hero is a little too late to stop the poor guys from being dead.

Oliver can’t even stop the hijacking on his first attempt. Since he’s not trying to kill these days, both of the lead villains — China White and her new friend, Bronze Tiger — get away with their loot.

The second attempt goes much better. In part, this is because Oliver brought along his “black driver” to escape with the drugs while the Arrow fights. It’s still a little messy. The Bronze Tiger claws Oliver a bunch before an electrified arrow knocks him out. China White, meanwhile, hops onto Diggle’s truck and starts a fight with him.

A totally awesome arrow shot from a moving motorcycle ends the fight for the Triad assassin. The drugs are saved (unlike all the drivers) and the heroes escape before the police arrive.

Other things that happen

In order to save the city this week, Oliver Queen must miss that little gala he had planned with Sebastian Blood. The politician isn’t too happy about this but finds a silver lining in crucifying Oliver as another uncaring rich boy who hates the city.

Oliver has angst about how Laurel doesn’t much like his alter ego. This eventually annoys Felicity so much that she spills on how Diggle and Carly have broken up. Apparently, tracking down his brother’s killer made it tough for the guy to have a healthy dating life.

The only upside to Blood’s crucifixion of Oliver is coffee. Felicity brings some while the news broadcasts the politician’s speech.

The Arrow meets Roy in an alley and offers to let the kid gather intelligence in the Glades for the saving-the-city operation. Surprisingly, Roy is totally into this. As a result, he and Thea get back together with that symbolic stone.

Island times

Remember how Oliver killed that threatening visitor to the island with his bare hands? Well Oliver sure does. He thought the island had changed him completely, but at least there’s a girl around to help. Shado and Oliver talk about important things and then they totally have sex in the water.

Slade isn’t too impressed by this (side note: could he be in love with Shado too?) and warns Oliver not to get distracted by the pretty girl. Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

The trio then tracks whoever those men were to an old cave. It’s full of 60-year-old skeletons of Japanese soldiers. One of those dead men has the Buddhist rock thing hanging around his neck. Oliver is apparently not opposed to stealing from the dead.

Oh, and the ending. That’s kind of important.

Oliver’s attempts to get Laurel to start liking the Hood haven’t been working too well. She saw the vigilante leaving the scene of Tommy’s death and therefore blames him for everything that has ever gone wrong in the city.

Even a second visit doesn’t move the heart of the hardened lawyer. In fact, this time she has a surprise — a big one. With the click of a button, cops materialize to surround Oliver with many, many guns.

There’s no way out, even for a guy that can shoot arrows from moving vehicles and kill men with his bare hands. Is this it for Oliver and the vigilante? Can Oliver somehow figure out something? What would be Laurel’s reaction if she finds out it’s Oliver right then?

The mean people at “Arrow” are going to make us wait for another week.

Fun things they say

“Does this mean you’re ready to launch Crusade 2.0?” – Diggle

“I had a secret entrance installed when I ran the club … Kidding.” – Oliver

“Doesn’t sound like the vigilante would have a groupie.” – Oliver

“I need a Girl Wednesday.” – Oliver
“It’s ‘Friday.’ And no!” – Felicity

“And I love spending the night with you …” – Felicity

“It could be worse. My secret identity is his black driver.” – Diggle

“No island, no place can make you something you’re not.” – Shado

“I was eager to see you dead. And he was eager to kill you.” – China

“Ms. Smoak, would you get my guest and I some coffee?” – Oliver
“You know, I would. But it seems someone has broken our coffee maker.” – Felicity

“You know, I’ve been meaning to tell you it wears me out to no end to hear you refer to yourself in the third person like that.” – Diggle

“Crucifixion has such a bad reputation.” – Sebastian Blood

“They still won’t
see you as anything more than the enemy. You’ll never be anything other than a criminal to them. Which means you’ll never be a hero.” – China White

“We’re getting dangerously close to hug territory, so I’m gonna fall back.” – Diggle

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