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Emily Bett Rickards, better known as Felicity Smoak on “Arrow,” is as big a fan of her character as the rest of us. And she only wants what’s best for Oliver’s IT sidekick in Season 2. Does that mean that Rickards is hoping for an Oliver-Felicity hookup?

The actress addressed this question and more on Felicity’s personal life recently at the TCA press tour. You’ll like her answers.

For one thing, Rickards is not opposed to the popular idea that Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity ought to get together as a couple. “I like the Olicity shippers!” Rickards exclaimed. Still, the actress had some reservations about blind shipping — after all, a bad relationship wouldn’t be fun to watch. “What’s really good with Olicity as a duo — whether it evolves into a relationship or not — is that it’s so honest and so sweet, so kind,” she said. “I wouldn’t want that to disappear just because of a relationship.”

Even if things don’t work out with Oliver, Rickards expects Felicity to find love on “Arrow.” “We’ll see them add another love interest,” she hinted. “This is what I’ve been kind of coming to terms with: I don’t know if it will be with Oliver, but I think that she will get a love interest. She’s so sweet!”

Keep in mind, we don’t have a lot of personal information on Ms. Smoak. “I feel like she’s a cat person,” Rickards guessed when asked about Felicity’s existing personal life. “What she does in between working and walking to Verdant from Queen Consolidated is just a mystery to everyone. I mean, she ends up in the same clothes. But what does she do on the way?”

Emily Bett Rickards does know one personal thing about her character, no matter how many mysteries there may be: She’s a lover of caffeine, a scarce commodity in the Hood’s secret base. “There’s still no coffee machine in there though. Felicity needs coffee!” Rickards insisted.

Hopefully, Felicity will find both coffee and love in Season 2.

Posted by:Laurel Brown