arrow season 2 finale oliver felicity kiss edit cw 'Arrow': Did Oliver and Felicity kiss in the Season 2 finale?

After the “Arrow” Season 2 finale showed a powerful — if deceptive — “I love you” scene between Oliver and Felicity, few thought there could be more to it than that. But apparently there kind of was.

An extended version of the scene also included a kiss between these vigilante co-workers.

Although mentioned by “Arrow” star Stephen Amell during the off-season convention circuit, fans haven’t seen proof of this fabled kiss. There hasn’t exactly been confirmation either. Now, however, E!Online says that the Oliver-Felicity kiss did happen in “Unthinkable.” It just got lost to the editing process before this finale episode made it to air.

This brings up a couple of questions. First of all, when was the kiss supposed to happen? The best guess is that it was part of the passionate fake-out between Oliver and Felicity when they wanted to make Slade Wilson think Oliver was in love with his blonde assistant/partner in justifiable crime. If you watch the scene again, there is a cut in between the “I love you” declaration and the “Do you understand?” question.

Check it out at roughly the 0:55 mark below.

It would make sense for a kiss at this point. Oliver had to pass a syringe with viper venom to Felicity here, and a kiss would have been excellent cover for such an action. The romantic gesture would also have sold the ruse to Slade.

Another question is about why “Arrow” chose to cut a scene that would have made many of its fans’ brains explode. The simple explanation is time — a kiss takes up valuable seconds and really wasn’t necessary for the plot. There is also the possibility that a fake kiss on top of a fake declaration of love would have been too much to accept.

The “Arrow” audience will likely need to wait for word from producers or the DVD commentary to get more answers on this one.

Posted by:Laurel Brown