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In the upcoming episode of “Arrow,” Officer Lance (Paul Blackthorne) has to solve a disturbingly personal case. A criminal called the Dollmaker is back out on the streets, years after Lance put him away. Can the former detective work with the vigilante to save the day in “Broken Dolls”?

According to Blackthorne, this odd couple does indeed work out. Check out the full interview below to find out what’s coming for Lance and in “Arrow.”

Why does Lance have to team up with the Hood for this case?

Paul Blackthorne: It’s a working relationship he wasn’t really expecting, but given the events of the Season 1 finale and his change of opinion of terms of how he feels about the vigilante and the results he gets, Lance gets to the point in this episode where basically [the vigilante] is the best man to get the guy that’s back out on the streets.

He knows another man out there who’s good at catching people, he’s really got one choice. And that is to go knock on the vigilante’s door and ask him for a favor. So off march the odd couple down the streets of Starling City to find the dastardly fellow, the Dollmaker.
It’s very awkward. “Sorry I was trying to put you behind bars for a year, but now could you do me a favor?” But ultimately, they both know that they’re trying to achieve the same results, which is to track the bad guys down and make the city a better place — they’re just approaching it from different angles.

What is the backstory between Lance and the Dollmaker?

Paul Blackthorne: Well, the Dollmaker was a nasty piece of work during the Starling City backstory. I won’t go into his approach to his crimes. But Lance was the man who chased him down and put him away. He also did it, it was also occurring at a time when Lance had just lost his daughter. So he was in a place of grief himself. And, at any rate, watching young girls being abducted and such like, and watching other parents go through the same thing, was extra fuel to get the guy … This guy just sort of weighs on Lance’s conscience a little bit more than the average criminal, based on what was happening in his own life. He really wants this guy down again! He cannot tolerate that this guy’s out there.

How is Lance’s emotional state these days?

Paul Blackthorne: Lance may have been sort of publicly humiliated and brought down in this way. But in his heart, he’s actually better than he’s been in a long time. He’s back on the streets, he’s away from all the corruption and nonsense, the politics, and he’s back with the people, trying to do the right thing.

“Arrow” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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