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“Arrow” has an anger management problem, and his name is Roy Harper.

The mirakuru-laden Roy starts his hero training in “Tremors” and almost succeeds at it. He helps to save the day anyway, which is totally a ticket straight to Team Arrow (as Felicity sometimes calls it).

The episode also features a great deal of drinking (by Laurel), some political deal-making (with Moira and Walter), slashing (by the Bronze Tiger) and comic-book setups (of the Suicide Squad). Oh, and a little birdie known as the Black Canary may just be back in town too.

Safe to say that “Tremors” is a big episode.

Crime and release from punishment

Toward the beginning of the episode, the Bronze Tiger gets sprung from jail. His rescuer is a middle-aged man named Milo Armitrage who wants the Tiger to procure a certain item. We don’t get to find out what that is right away, but the episode title and the fact that Malcolm Merlyn’s house is a target make things clear soon enough: There’s another earthquake machine and Armitage wants it.

The bad guy is planning to kill a lot of people somewhere else, but Oliver still isn’t happy about the deal. With Roy’s help — more on that shortly — and an exploding arrow, the machine gets destroyed right before it’s about to blow and kill a bunch more people.

With the bad guys back in jail, you’d think this story would be over. You’d be mostly right but also a little bit wrong. That little bit comes courtesy of Amanda Waller (the head of that security group occasionally associated with Diggle). She shows up at the prison to recruit the Bronze Tiger for an unidentified squad.

According to those knowledgeable about the DC Comics world, this would be the Suicide Squad and is therefore very cool.

Roy smashes things

Throughout this “Arrow,” Oliver devotes a great deal of time and energy to the training and taming of Roy. It doesn’t go so well at first, mainly because Roy is an angry young man even without the super steroids running through his veins.

It’s only after an accidental bruising of Thea and several bad guys beaten into bloody pulps that Oliver manages to get through to Roy. And it’s Oliver that gets through to the kid, not the Arrow. Hood and mask pulled away, Oliver points out that staying in control is what will keep Thea safe — something that both men want.

In the end, Roy gets a full induction to Team Arrow (but don’t call it that) and a promise of more crime-fighting to come. That ought to at least help with the rage, right?

We’ll just ignore how poorly Oliver’s efforts to help Slade Wilson through the same troubles went.

Mayor Moira?

Half a season after she helped bring about the destruction of the Glades with Malcolm Merlyn, life is finally starting to look up for Moira Queen. She gets to have dinner with Walter for one thing. Even though it’s not totally romantic, these exes do start to bond. Sure, they’re bonding over politics and shared secrets, but it is a start.

Walter and a lot of other wealthy people seem to want a mayoral candidate who is not Sebastian Blood. This is both fair and a good idea, since Blood is a very, very bad man. Moira gets into the mayor idea by the end of the episode, but she still has one concern — Thea’s paternity. Surprisingly, Walter already knows that Malcolm is the baby-daddy, so the worry is Moira’s obstetrician.

Some poor fellow named Dr. Gill might not be doing so well very soon.

Laurel the lush

Getting caught in the previous episode has done little to curb Laurel’s ongoing substance-abuse issues. Having her entire life go down the drain in “Tremors” isn’t much help either. Poor Laurel gets tricked into going to an AA meeting by her father, suffers a lecture on drinking from Thea (of all people), learns that she’s about to lose her law license and can’t find a job.

The episode comes to an end with a wasted Laurel stumbling home and passing out on the floor. But she’s not alone — a pair of blurry but feminine hands reach out to help. It looks like the Canary has flown home!

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