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“Arrow” Season 2 has brought a lot of Sara Lance — otherwise known as the Canary — to the show. But in “Birds of Prey,” she takes center stage as an antagonist for Helena, the Huntress.

Actress Caity Lotz previews the episode, her fights and Sara’s relationship with Laurel in this interview.

Zap2it: How does Sara react when she learns about the Huntress?
Caity Lotz: At this point, Sara thinks that this whole ex-girlfriend business is
kind of funny. She hasn’t seen this before — she was gone when all of
this happened. So she’s like, “What do you mean you had another
superhero girlfriend? What is this?” But she thinks it’s funny, because
she’s not really intimidated by other girls.

What was it like having so many fight scenes with Jessica De Gouw?
It’s funny — we both have stunt doubles, so you see your doppelgangers walking around and they kind of look like us and wear the same outfits. It was a lot of fun. Me and Jessica got to do a lot of the fights as well. Right before they yell “Action,” we’re both laughing and telling jokes — then we’re choking each other out — and then we’re laughing as soon as they yell “Cut!” I think that was the hardest part, not laughing.

There is a lot of up-close interaction between Sara and Laurel in this episode, so why doesn’t Laurel suspect the identity of the Canary?
It’s just Canary and Laurel — and Laurel has no idea. She can’t even imagine that the Canary is her sister. … If something’s not in your imagination, if it’s not something you really see as a possibility, it doesn’t really enter your awareness.

If it was me, I wouldn’t think it was possible that my sister could be this crazy person. And Laurel’s really distracted at the moment — she’s dealing with a lot of personal demons, trying to keep her drinking in control, new responsibilities that she has with work. And her life is at risk.

While fighting is no problem for Sara, what does get to her emotionally?
Family, with no doubt that is her Achilles’ heel. When her family is involved, she doesn’t think clearly. And I think she’s got some rage issues, so when it’s someone in her family she just kind of gets that tunnel vision.

Where is Sara’s head at these days?
She’s here and everything, but she still doesn’t know if she’s a good person to be around. She thinks that she’s tainted, something negative that can leak or bleed onto other people.

The “Birds of Prey” episode of “Arrow” airs Wednesday (March 26) at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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