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“Arrow” fans were shocked in Season 2 when Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) appeared alive and (mostly) well in present-day Starling City. An even greater shock came when it was revealed that Slade wanted to destroy his former friend, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell).

Now that Oliver and Slade have met again, what’s next? Bennett reveals a few teases in an  interview with Zap2it — Slade has a “Promise” to keep in upcoming episodes.

Zap2it: What happens with Slade on the island in upcoming episodes?
Manu Bennett: On the island, you see the unraveling of a man who’s now on mirakuru, and Slade’s up-and-down, up-and-down. Oliver and Sara are debating telling him anything about Shado and the death of the Shado, because they know Oliver feels partly responsible because of the choices involved — and Slade doesn’t know about that. Obviously, it’s a key piece of information that is just waiting to be dug up when Slade finds out. In the meantime, they have this great plan to take the ship together and get the hell out of there.

Because Slade arrives in the future and everything’s not good, they sure as hell didn’t go out and sail on the Love Boat. It’s easy to guess — Ivo was on that ship and he had the laboratory out there where he was using mirakuru. And he had people on that ship that he was using mirakuru on. They’re sort of descending into the bowels of this whole mystery. They’re about to go into that realm that’s going to be decisive for the whole future of this series. Obviously, it’s going to have something to do with mirakuru. And it’s going to have to do with the secrets and the lies and the untold truths about Shado’s death. That’s the tinderbox to go up in flames, and it’s going to happen.

Where does all of this go in future episodes?
The episode’s called “The Promise,” and there alone is the biggest spoiler that we unravel. What does “The Promise” mean? That handshake that Slade gives Oliver in the last episode, I think that’s the beginning of the promise.

It shook the world — it was a mirakuru handshake!

How does Slade get to Starling City from the island?
For starters, he’s not the Slade Wilson we left on the island — he was a military guy. So what’s he doing standing in a Hugo Boss suit? How’s he being so influential to be invited by Moira Queen into her house? What are his credentials? All these things suggest a great change in the person we knew from the island. Which obviously then indicates strategy, planning, time to put things together. Slade’s gone to great lengths to deliver the “Promise.”

He’s been to a tailor. He’s been hanging around with influential people. He’s been working his way up a ladder, through corridors, and off an island. He had to get off that island! There are a bunch of sequential events that will unravel and explain over the next couple of episodes.

Is there anything left of the decent Slade audiences first met?
You’ve got to realize that the twist here is not actually to do with mirakuru. The mirakuru is a stimulant. People who are affected by drugs or alcohol or any kind of negative influence, it amplifies their despair. You understand what Slade’s despair is — his despair is that Shado was killed.

This is a bit of a Shakespearean tragedy. You’ve got two friends that have been divided by fate. Slade died! He was going to die, he was about to die, and then he was offered the mirakuru. He just wanted to survive. It’s not like he was injecting himself with heroin! He was facing death, and they said, “This might keep you alive.” Next thing, he wakes up and runs over and Shado’s dead on the ground and he wasn’t even there to save her. Oliver and Sara, they can’t really tell Slade what happened because Oliver had some power in the decision-making of that. Now that’s a little bit of information that’s floating around delicately in the air right now. That’s “Othello,” right? He’s confused about things — all he needs is Iago to whisper in his ear, and it all falls apart.

This next episode is going to put everything into motion. The title, “The Promise,” is the key to understand what’s going to happen. Just sit back and enjoy!

“The Promise” airs at 8 p.m. ET/PT Wednesday (March 5) on The CW.

Posted by:Laurel Brown