We still have to wait for the “Arrow” Season 2 premiere, but there are spoilers already available in the video played at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. The footage is rather incredible.

For those who don’t want to be reminded of the awesomeness of Season 1, you can skip directly to the new Season 2 footage by jumping to the 1:25 mark. As soon as you see guest star Summer Glau‘s face, everything is new.

What are other highlights coming in “Arrow” Season 2?

  • Glau’s character is not a fan of Oliver — or any of the Queens for that matter.
  • In an interesting turn of events, Felicity is the one who wants the vigilante to return, while Diggle is OK if Oliver hangs up his hoodie for good.
  • Felicity has been doing some interior decorating down in the lair.
  • Detective Lance seems to have been demoted to a beat cop.
  • Roy Harper really wants to make a difference and help people, especially in the absence of the vigilante he so admires.
  • Laurel seems ready to help the vigilante, law or now law.
  • Oliver and Felicity have a pretty epic crash through a large glass window.
  • Is that a kiss between Oliver and Shado on the island?
  • It’s definitely a good training session between Oliver and Slade Wilson.
  • Someone who is not Summer Glau has bad feelings about things that happen in the Queen Consolidated boardroom.
  • Does Oliver’s contemplation of that arrow mean he actually wants to be called the Green Arrow now?
  • That would be the Black Canary that Roy meets on that dark street.

Whatever all of this means, “Arrow” Season 2 looks kind of incredible.

Posted by:Laurel Brown