stephen amell arrow 123 sacrifice oliver queen hood 'Arrow' Season 2 teases: Stephen Amell and Andrew Kreisberg hint at Oliver Queen's future with Roy Harper, Diggle, and moreAnd that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you do a first season!

Season 1 “Arrow” ended tonight with an epic, heartbreaking, and completely shocking episode. We said a tragic goodbye to Tommy Merlyn, and the rest of Starling City was left hanging. So what’s in store for Season 2? The cast and executive producers aren’t spilling much, but we managed to wring a few vague teases out of E.P. Andrew Kreisberg and series star Stephen Amell.

1. More Deadshot!
If you were wondering what happened to Diggle’s vendetta against Floyd Lawton, the assassin murdered his brother, rest assured that it’s still burning him up. “Diggle’s pursuit of Deadshot is going to be a big part of Season 2,” Kreisberg reveals. “The finale was already bigger and crazier and more nuts than we ever envisioned, so it’s not like we dropped the ball with that story, it story was just a story we knew could live on into Season 2. Don’t worry. It is far from dropped.”

2. Roy Harper getting closer to The Hood.
“We’ll definitely find out how Oliver feels about taking Roy on as part of the team in Season 2,” Kreisberg says. “Oliver Queen and Roy Harper will have a long and storied career together. As with all of these things, especially stuff that’s derived from the comic books, we’ve tried to both satisfy fans’ expectations, and turn them on their head. I think that Roy’s desire to be under the Arrow and Oliver’s desire to be as private a person as possible are going to collide.”

3. More epic Island sequences.
Obviously, after tonight’s finale, there’s plenty of story to cover on the Island in Season 2 — and in fact, it’s the first thing the writers told Amell about when he asked them for scoop about what’s to come. “I think the story on the Island is really mapped out. If you talked with
Andrew and Marc [Guggenheim], they would say that this year
in Epsiode 5 when we introduced Edward Fyres and faux-Deathstroke, that
was when they really discovered what the Island can be. I think they
have a really cool idea and really have it mapped out for what the
Island will be in Season 2.”

4. Diggle-centric flashbacks.
Amell hopes to see David Ramsay get to be the leading man in an episode (and not just because it’d afford Amell a few days off, as Kriesberg jokes!). “The producers have done a really good job this year of really molding the rest of our cast into people that can carry episodes at a time,” Amell says. “I don’t think any part of the fan base would complain if all the sudden we announced we were going to have a Diggle-centric episode. David has earned the right and I hope he gets it.” Adds Kreisberg, “Doing flashback episodes to Diggle’s life — whether it’s in Afghanistan, or when his brother was alive — we’re definitely interested in that. We have this amazing table of actors. Certainly David Ramsay could be the lead of his own show if he wanted to, so we’d love to see more of him.”

5. Thea is all grown up. A lot of what she witnessed in the finale will have a deep, profound impact on her in the future. “Nobody is ending this season the way they started. She really underwent an evolution this season, and in Season 2 when the characters pick up, we’ll see a Thea who has really internalized her experience, one who has really grown a great deal. That’s exciting for Willa and it’s exciting for us as writers,” Kreisberg says. Amell is looking forward to Oliver and Thea being on more equal footing as she matures. “Willa continues to impress. I think it’s really fantastic because Willa is such a wonderful actor and I feel like she is just sitting there just waiting to be really utilized,” he says. “I think it would be very exciting in coming seasons to put them more on an adult level relationship because [Willa] is so capable and is going to be a huge asset to the show.”

6. Some changes at the Queen household.
“We had a line we had to cut out of episode 22, which was Felicity saying, ‘Man, Thanksgiving at the Queen house is really going to suck this year,'” Kreisberg jokes. There’s still hope to rebuild the relationship between Moira and Oliver, of course. “If ever there was a hero who could understand what Moira has done, it’s Oliver. Oliver made a lot of difficult decisions himself those five years on the island, and not all of them were the right decision. He can understand how she can find herself in the place that she did.” Amell just hopes Oliver moves out of his mom’s house soon enough. “God, I hope so,” he says. “I mean, he’s like 30 years old! He needs to get his own apartment. Quote me on that one.”

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