arrow shado dc 'Arrow' seeking Shado: Will she be an ally for Oliver?“Arrow” is wasting no time introducing a multitude of villains and allies from the DC Comics universe — and soon, we’ll meet yet another. Zap2it has learned that producers are currently seeking the perfect actress to play Shado.

She’s a vengeful archer and martial artist who first appeared in the comics in 1987. In the comics, Shado’s purpose was to kill Americans who had disgraced her father and caused shame to fall on her family.

Of course, “Arrow” will give the character a new, unexpected twist. Shado will make her first appearance in episode 114, titled “The Odyssey.” And yes — she will have that familiar dragon tattoo.

The question remains as to whether Shado will be a friend or an adversary for Oliver. In the comics, they were at odds, until Shado helped Oliver take down a villain who had captured Laurel. They ended up working together to take down several more formidable villains.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie