colton haynes arrow salvation roy harper 'Arrow' star Colton Haynes gaining 20 pounds of muscle for Roy HarperAs we reported last month, Colton Haynes has been upped to series regular status on “Arrow” for Season 2 — and it sounds like his character, Roy Harper, is going to get involved in some of the major action sequences next year. Either that, or Colton is getting prepared just in case.

From his time on “Teen Wolf,” we can attest that Colton looks just fine without his shirt on — but if he’s going to keep up with Stephen Amell in all those parkour stunt sequences, he might have some work to do.

“I’ve got to gain another 20, 25 pounds of muscle,” Colton tells Mark Malkin. “I have a feeling I’m
going to be possible be wearing a suit of some sort.”

Perhaps Roy will be teaming up with Arrow sooner rather than later! In the comic books, he becomes the vigilantes apprentice/sidekick/adopted son, Red Arrow. Either way, Colton has plans for “training, a lot of eating, a lot of steaks … I’m gonna have to cut back on the yoga.”

Gotta make sacrifices for your craft, right? “You do it for the art,” Colton says. “Yeah right, I do it because all the fans want to see all the guys on ‘Arrow’ with their shirts off.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie