arrow huntress returns 117 mckenna oliver 'Arrow' star Stephen Amell talks Oliver's love life and the 'best episode so far' (again)In the most recent episode of “Arrow,” “Dead to Rights,” Oliver’s lifelong best friend finally discovered his alter-ego, The Hood… and let’s just say that Tommy didn’t take it well. Not only does he not approve of The Hood’s methods, but Tommy was particularly perturbed by the fact that Oliver only told him because, in a life-or-death, he felt that he had no other choice.

The next few episodes, including tonight’s “The Huntress Returns,” will find Tommy and Oliver figuring out how to navigate their friendship and business partnership given the new revelations.

“They have to work together!” Stephen Amell told us when we caught up with him on the PaleyFest red carpet in Beverly Hills last week. “The club is opening, and the club plays a really big part in almost every episode that we’ve had since 17 on.”

Tommy won’t immediately come to a concrete decision about how he feels about Oliver’s extracurricular activities. “Tommy’s wrestling with it,” Amell says. “We see points where he doesn’t like it, we see points where he recognizes that the Arrow can do something and he utilizes that, and we may see Tommy in the lair.”

Spoiler alert!

Despite bromance troubles, the rest of Oliver’s life is starting to shape up. He’s got a team behind him as the Hood, his sister is getting her act together, and somehow, he hasn’t managed to scare his new girlfriend, McKenna (Janina Gavankar) away. That said, Helena (Jessica de Gouw) is returning in full Huntress mode, and she is definitely going to do her best to… well, scare McKenna away.

arrow stephen amell oliver queen hood 'Arrow' star Stephen Amell talks Oliver's love life and the 'best episode so far' (again)“Things are really, really good with McKenna, which means that they’re probably going to go bad pretty soon,” Amell teases. “Things are going well, but the only other person that Oliver has had a romantic interest in since he’s been back, besides Laurel obviously, is Helena. And Helena’s coming back. And that’s not going to go well.”

As we told you last week, “Arrow” executive producer Marc Guggenheim spilled that despite his oddly healthy relationship with McKenna, Oliver is still seriously hung up on Helena. “Oliver is really falling for McKenna, but he loved Helena,” says Marc
Guggenheim. “His feelings for her when she comes back are very
conflicted and very complicated. There’s a lot of fun to be had with
that little triangle.”

“He obviously has feelings for her,” adds Amell. “I mean, she walked away from him. But she’s back and she’s more reckless, and she’s more lost, and she’s more angry than she was before. Oliver realizes that he can’t be with her and that action might have to be taken.”

As for what’s coming up next week, you may have seen some photos around the internets of Amell doing some impressive stuntwork in Vancouver. (You know, if you’re the sort of person who trawls the internet for paparazzi pics of “Arrow” filming. Which we’re not, because we’re not that obsessed. Ahem.)

“That’s episode 18,” he says. “Episode 18 is the ultimate parkour sequence that I’ve had on the show. We don’t know where [where the villain] is, so Felicity is basically guiding me through the city [on bluetooth] with limited success.”

In that episode, Oliver has to rescue Roy (Colton Haynes) from The Savior (Chris Redmond), a villain who claims to be inspired by The Hood. “He’s a really cool villain,” says Amell. “I think that might be our best episode so far. That’s an incredible episode.”

Yes, Amell says that a lot. Yes, he’s usually right.

Tune in to “The Huntress Returns” on Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST on The CW. In the meantime, watch our video interview below for more from Amell, including what’s coming up for Oliver and Laurel as the season winds to an end.

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