arrow exclusive stephen amell kelly hu 'Arrow': Stephen Amell previews Kelly Hu's appearance and the villain he can't wait to seeAfter debuting to awesome ratings last week, “Arrow” is only getting better. This week’s episode, titled “Honor Thy Father,” features Kelly Hu as DC villain China White, a featured villain in “Green Arrow: Year One.” When China is hired to eliminate Laurel (Katie Cassidy), who is prosecuting the leader of a drug cartel, Oliver (Stephen Amell) steps in. Expect a pretty epic fight scene. We didn’t think it was possible, but we hear that Amell seriously upped his stunt work game from the pilot.

They may be facing off on-screen, but behind the scenes, Amell loved working with Hu. “She was awesome,” he says. “I got to speak to her in Mandarin. It was really cool. We did some fight training together and she was just super pumped to be there. She’s got great energy.”

As this was the first episode they shot after the series was picked-up, Amell was still taken aback by the idea that other actors had taken an interest in the show. “The aspect of it that is still a little bit surreal is when an actor that you’ve seen in other stuff comes on the show and is like, ‘Hey, they got me the pilot. I really liked it! I’m really excited to be here!’ and you’re like, ‘Thanks so much! I’m really excited that you’re here!’ It’s overwhelming and flattering. I hope that I always have that feeling. She’s great. I hope she sticks around, too.”

Perhaps a hint that China White won’t be added to Arrow’s body count any time soon? Hmm.

After landing the role, Amell read everything he could get his hands on about Green Arrow so that he’d be up to speed with all the DC Comics fans out there. Out of all the villains that have featured in Green Arrow canon, he’s looking forward to seeing one in particular: Merlyn.

Of course, we’ve already met Oliver’s best friend, Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell). While he’s a bit of a sketchy character, he seems to be a pretty decent guy so far… you know, aside from sleeping with his buddy’s girl. As fans of the comics know, Tommy is destined to become Oliver’s arch nemesis, with his own set of impressive archery skills.

“I hope to see Tommy’s transition, just because Colin and I have become such good buddies, and I know that he has a total kickass villain in him,” Amell tells us. “The thing that I really like about my character is that he’s not perfect. He kills people. He has made mistakes. He’s responsible for Laurel’s sister’s death. That’s on him. So if and when Tommy turns against him, there would be a lot of points that Tommy as Merlyn could make that people could be like, ‘Oh, he’s kinda right, isn’t he?’ He’d be like Gus on ‘Breaking Bad.’ I feel like Colin has that capability in him, and that’s the one that I’m most excited to see.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie