stephen amell arrow armpit shirtless cw facebook 'Arrow': Stephen Amell promises shirtless episodes, explains armpit hairStephen Amell isn’t shy to talk about his beautiful “Arrow” body. Even when there are flaws, Amell will talk about it on his Facebook page.

This is a good thing. Because of this, fans can learn that a) “Arrow” will have a lot of shirtlessness in upcoming episodes and b) Amell scratched his armpit.

Read the full post from Amell below:

“Couple of things… After a stretch of inactivity I’m shirtless in almost every episode for the rest of the season. Next, there was an incident filming where I scratched my arm / armpit on a tree branch. That meant we were going to be applying makeup because this cut didn’t match the shows continuity, so I trimmed my armpit hair on one side. Then I didn’t want to look like the guy with one trimmed armpit. So I did the other one. Then we blasted it with light and now I’m the guy who shaves his armpits and I HATE the guy who shaves his armpits. My SINCEREST apologies. It grew back.”

So if you see anything odd underneath Amell’s arms the next time Oliver Queen takes off his shirt, this is why.

“Arrow” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Posted by:Laurel Brown