arrow video upfronts clip 'Arrow': Stephen Amell shows off his abs in first clip from The CW's newest superhero showIt’s hard to explain why “Arrow” is the most exciting new show debuting on The CW when the only footage the network has released online so far is a quiet montage of Arrow working out. He seems like the strong, silent type — but we’re happy to watch him do his thing. Especially if said thing is a montage of him exercising shirtless in a warehouse. Who needs context when you have such ripped abs?

The first clip from the new drama shows a montage of Stephen Amell preparing for … something. Mostly, it looks like he’s preparing his new identity as Arrow and they’ve handily condensed it for us into montage form.

There’s no footage of any of the show’s supporting characters yet, but the clip does a good job of setting the dark tone of the new series. We’re hoping The CW decides to put the full trailers they showed at the Upfront presentation online soon. In the meantime, can someone please GIF Stephen Amell exercising for us? It’s for the good of humanity.

Posted by:Jean Bentley