In “Arrow” Season 2, Felicity Smoak is an increasingly important character to Team Arrow and to people like Oliver Queen and John Diggle. What does the actress behind Felicity — Emily Bett Rickards — think about her character? And what might be coming in Felicity’s future, especially with Barry Allen (the Flash, played by Grant Gustin), in Wednesday’s “The Scientist”?

Find out in this video interview. Highlights of the footage are listed below.

  • What is coming for the attraction between Felicity and Barry Allen (aka, the Flash)? “It’ll be a little bit flashy … jazz hands.” And then Rickards promised jazz hands in an upcoming episode. Look for that in 2014!

  • “It’s a new attraction, which is nice to have — especially with Felicity, because she doesn’t see many people.”

  • How does Barry come to interact with the Arrow team? “Barry is needed.”

  • Emily Bett Rickards refers to secret identities as “icing and sprinkles.” Yes, she’s adorable.

  • Oliver is getting some competition for Felicity’s attention for the first time. What will his reaction be? “I think the audience will appreciate how truthful he reacts.”

  • While Rickards thinks that Grant Gustin will do fine as a new “Arrow” actor, “I didn’t realize how much hatred Isabel Rochev was going to get!”

  • That said, Rickards may have been a bit star-struck by Summer Glau.

  • Emily has a good word to describe Isabel’s behavior toward Felicity after sleeping with Oliver. It isn’t entirely printable.

  • Neither Zap2it nor Emily Bett Rickards is responsible for the Christmas music in the background.

“Arrow” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Check back in this Wednesday (Dec. 3) for both a new episode and for outtakes from this interview. Both are extremely entertaining.

Posted by:Laurel Brown