“Arrow” Season 2 is about to go crazy. That’s the impression given by an extended promo video for the series released in advance of its first 2014 episode, “Blast Radius.”

The footage in the video spans a number of episodes, from short bits from the fall finale, “Three Ghosts,” and moving past “Blast Radius” to the future of the season. Important things that are coming for “Arrow” seem to include:

  • Roy (Colton Haynes) is going to be having some serious adjustment problems, thanks to that nasty mirakuru in his system. It looks like it might not turn out so well for Sin (Bex Taylor-Klaus) either.
  • The rise of Sebastian Blood (Kevin Alejandro) will continue mostly unabated for awhile. Even the Arrow might have trouble stopping this murderous politician before too long.
  • Who suspect’s Blood’s motives? Strangely, that would be Laurel (Katie Cassidy). Despite seeming interested in dating the guy in recent episodes, it looks like Laurel has a chance of being the one who unravels the whole conspiracy.
  • What’s Oliver (Stephen Amell) up to for all of this? There’s a lot of violence (obviously), but the hooded and now-masked hero may be playing some catch-up if he wants to figure out the identities of the bad guys this time around.

“Arrow” returns with new episodes Wednesday (Jan. 15) at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Posted by:Laurel Brown