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The “Arrow” midseason finale, “Three Ghosts,” may be the last episode of 2013, but it’s a big one. Not only does the episode set up the rest of Season 2, but it also provides the basis for a planned “The Flash” spinoff.

Also, the story is kind of incredible.

Find out why this works — and then enjoy some fun with an Emily Bett Rickards video.

Why ‘Arrow’ does midseason right

Midseason finales are an increasingly big deal for serialized shows. Networks tend to pull even their best-performing programs off the air for a month or more in the winter, so the last episode before that has to be big enough to keep viewers interested through weeks of holiday blahs.

“Arrow” may have mastered the art in “Three Ghosts.” Some of the reasons for this mastery are:

  • Movement — but no final resolution — occurs in the relationship between Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Rickards).
  • Deaths (yes, plural) make it clear that there are important stakes at hand.
  • At least three major characters experience major, life-changing events. The outcomes of these events will be explored in the second half of the season.
  • The show provides more than one huge reveal about the island
  • A new level of villainy is introduced.
  • Character dynamics shift in subtle, but important, ways.
  • The show’s recurring guest star, Grant Gustin, gets both resolution and a hint of future possibility. If he never returns to “Arrow,” that would work. If he gets a “Flash” spinoff, it would make sense. Were Barry Allen to come back as a recurring character, there would be no shock.

Fun with Emily Bett Rickards

The one issue with the “Arrow” midseason finale may be that it’s kind of dark. Therefore, it’s important to lighten the mood — and Rickards has that covered.

Check out what the actress had to say in these interview outtakes. Topics include secret identities, frozen yogurt, dogs and Spanish siestas. Rickards also moos.

“Arrow” airs its fall finale at 8 p.m. ET Wednesday (Dec. 11) on The CW.

Posted by:Laurel Brown